Our Vision

Offer a solution for organizations and individual professionals in Health Sector to integrate Telemedicine and in-person consultations, increasing productivity and providing better health services to patients.

The Platform of Telehealth Platforms

A customizable white label solution for the needs of each organization / healthcare professional according to the maturity of its telemedicine services.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that access to health services remains a global problem. Telemedicine reduces this problem. The future of Health includes an integration between digital and in-person services to provide care with more quality, less costs and better results.





Why you should work with MedLive

Our team includes elements with a Consulting, Technology and Health Setor background. This mix of competencies and complementary views allowed us to create a unique platform for Health Professionals.

In-house Team

More than 25 developers located in São Paulo and Lisbon.


Advisors board made up of doctors of various specialties and health executives.

Health Sector

Several projects in Health Sector organizations.

Large Experience

Several years of accumulated experience in systems integration and in the digital area.